About Us

We have been farming around Ayston for many generations. We tend our livestock with great care, and when we grow our crops we tread lightly, making space for nature and looking after our soils.

Farming thoughtfully

We work in all weathers, and are mindful of our environmental footprint, so are doing all we can to mitigate our impact on the climate while producing amazing and wholesome food.

At every stage we are working towards a circular system, which means the majority of the feed our cattle get is home-grown grass and clover, while the cereal content of their diet is also grown on the farm by us to ensure it is both high quality and low impact.

Our soils are at the heart of everything we do. We grow our crops without moving the soil - called ‘no till’ - to keep as much carbon as possible stored in it. Because the soil holds water better in dry times, but also dries quicker when it’s wet, this helps to grow strong, healthy plants that are more resilient to climate change.

About us

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Grandparents and mother standing in front of a gnarly tree, with children standing in the tree.

Family and community

Family and community are really important to us, and two generations work in the business with a third growing their passion for both nature and farming.

We’re long term thinkers: the Castle Chase Cottages are one part of our business, but we are always adapting to ensure we can thrive and continue to provide fabulous food and the wonderful landscape we love so much.

Castle Chase Cottages