Beautiful blonde haired woman sits in blue powered wheelchair in front of a church with lake behind, blue sky reflects on the water.

Rutland Water

Always the number one thing people think of when they consider coming to Rutland. It has a wealth of things to do and is really accessible for those with limited mobility, including two new changing places spaces.

Things you may want to consider doing

Golf, Fishing, Walking, Bird Watching, Windsurfing, Rock Climbing, The Aqua Park, Open Water Swimming (Sundays), kayaking, paddle boarding, Sailing, Cycling, Playing on the fabulous play areas, having an ice cream (my personal favourite!), a dawn or twilight walk is truly fantastic especially with kids in spring and autumn.

You can find more details here

Picturesque village in middle of lake captured from the air. large houses surrounded by fields and then water Small sailing boat on a lake

More local information

Market Towns
Rutland has 2 wonderful market towns, and sits on the doorstep of 5 others just over the county border
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